How did you get into carving wood?

iris-in-woodIt started around two and half to three years ago. I was watching a woman on TV who was carving an iris into a plaque of wood. Seeing what this woman was able to accomplish by carving a piece of wood inspired me and I thought to myself, “I would like to try wood carving!” The next day I bought myself some chisels, a hammer, and a plaque of wood. My first finished piece is pictured to the right.

Carving is now the most enjoyable part of my life. At some point it turned into much more than sitting at my kitchen table with chisels because I realized that I have a natural talent and a passion for the trade. Around a year ago my love for wood carving outgrew my available space at the kitchen table so I devoted an entire room to my new business.

What do you enjoy about wood carving?

There isn’t much in this world that makes me happier than carving away at the wood until I have a beautiful picture, creating something out of nothing. It truly fills my life with joy!

What subject matter do you like to carve?

So far I’ve enjoyed working with flowers and animals, but I’m willing to try anything.

What is your ultimate goal with woodworking?

Ultimately I would like to be a wood carver full time. Right now I can only dedicate part of my time to it. I would like to make custom wood carvings for a living, filling homes with beautiful woodwork.

What objects can you carve on?

I can carve almost anything made out of wood, for example: wooden boxes, guns (rifle stock, shotgun), musical instruments, doors, frames, and almost anything else provided it is a reasonable size.

What type of wood works best?

Soft woods like Bass and Pine are my favorite because they are the easiest to carve, but I have worked with many different kinds of wood. As a wood carver I would be willing to work with almost any type of wood, because as far as I’m concerned they are all the best.

What tools do you use to carve wood?

Chisels, files and rotary tools.

How do I go about hiring you?

The best way to inquire about my custom woodworking service is through this web site.