Woodcarving In-Progress


On wood? What? Here’s a sneak peak of the wood-carved octopus with a little color… Almost finished!
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More progress on the Octopus wood carving

I added a lot more detail and rounded things out in the Octopus woodcarving, it’s really coming along! It might be hard to tell from the photo, but the bottom tentacle sticks out a bit, as well as the top left most tentacle. Trying to give the octopus carving some depth.
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Making progress on the octopus

I’ve added more detail to the octopus wood carving that I’ve been working on. Have a look… My previous post on this.
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Octopus Progress Update

I was having trouble with the first octopus, the darker parts of the wood were pretty tough and hard to work with. So I’m starting over with this new, nicer piece. Much better so far! I’ll try to post pictures as I go along.
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Octopus Woodcarving, Roughed Out

The beginnings of an octopus wood carving.
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Dog Woodcarving in-progress

Here’s the start of a custom dog woodcarving.
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Bear Woodcarving on Rifle Stock

Here is an in-progress shot of the bear woodcarving on a rifle stock.
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